The Call to Create a New Business Can Be so Exciting... and So Terrifying at the Same Time...

So, how to begin? And how do you:

  • Trust your idea and yourself without giving up? 
  • Keep going in ways that get more of the results you want? 
  • Know whether something will work or fall flat? 
  • Know who to serve or even how to serve?

By joining Online Business Ignition of course!

If you've ever wanted to find out what it would take to turn your clever ideas into an online success, this is your opportunity.

Online business Ignition is your chance to spend time with our team, as they unpack exactly what it takes to come up with an online business idea that’s “got legs”.

We define a valid idea as one that has merit, has a viable opportunity and is based around your strengths and abilities. It’s one that hits a sweet spot of being something you love, can do and is viable for the immediate (and long) term — your future.

The most important point about your idea and future business is: it must be one where you get to do work you love, with people you like, the way you want.

Discovering your abilities, strengths, motivations and emotions will help guide you in your decision making.

In this course we walk you through the basics in finding, naming and getting clear on your online business idea.

Some of the companies we work with...

Listen in as Trudy talks about how & why she created Online Business Ignition....

About Online Business Ignition

  • Instead of chickening out, why not focus on moving forward? Channel the idea, the tiny inspiration or the deafening roar of what you want to do and decide.

  • Get the boost you need to share your voice - whether that’s publishing your work, asking for a promotion, or speaking up in a relationship. Grow the courage to be seen and to be completely you.!

  • Stop waiting for the perfect moment. Understand and tame the need to have 15 different ideas. There’ll always be fear, doubts, waffle, and procrastination… but getting clear on just one winning idea prevents you from staying stuck. Get your moxie on… your determination, your nerve.

A few things to know about moving forward...

  • How much time does it take?

    It’s 100% up to you. There are videos and a downloadable workbook so there is no "behind"! No rush! Online Business is designed to be flexible, useful, and above all, to help you lock in on that idea you've been waiting to ignite.

  • What's the Investment?

    We could say "Join now for $97" BUT instead... How many people are missing out because you keep not daring to share your voice? How many more times are you going to think 'it's a silly idea?' And how much is putting everything else before your own ideas costing you?

  • What if I have a question?

    Please email my team at and put Online Business Ignition in the subject line so we don’t miss it.

What Others Are Saying

“This course was very useful in getting me excited and thinking about new ideas and products that I would never have come up with on my own. After completing the Online Business Ignition Course I was able to focus on the one business I wanted to start to create. ”


“Personally, I believe that getting a person to find their strengths and interests is an extremely important part of this course and I think it is a huge help in not only finding new ideas but also offering a huge boost in confidence. ”


“Be ready for a challenge – it’s rewarding once you get to the end. You'll learn everything you need to know ... It’s a really nice all-in-one course to get you started!”


“Being part of the OBL course has been inspiring but for me the greatest value has been that the workshops and tools brought me clarity in what I wanted to create.”


“My name's Joe Pascoe. I'm partially blind. For the last six months, Trudy Rankin has led a group of us, kind of blindees, through a business development process. It's been a unique experience and her own sensitivity and awareness of different environments has meant that we've all been able to develop into many blind business people. I would recommend Trudy for any task that requires intelligence, strategic thought, and cultural sensitivity.”


Course curriculum

  • 1

    About the OBL Program

    • About Us and Finding Your Strengths

    • Here's the Workbook

    • Checklist for Find Your Strengths

  • 2

    Finding Your Idea - Part 1

    • Finding Your Idea- Part 1

    • Submit the completed Workbook

    • Checklist for this lesson...

  • 3

    Finding Your Idea - Part 2

    • Finding Your Idea- Part 2

    • Submit the completed Workbook

    • Checklist for Finding Your Idea - Part 2

  • 4

    Asking The Right Questions - Part 1

    • Asking The Right Questions- Part 1

    • Submit the completed Workbook

    • Checklist for Asking the Right Questions Part 1

  • 5

    Asking The Right Questions - Part 2

    • Asking The Right Questions- Part 2

    • Submit the completed Workbook

    • Checklist for Asking the Right Questions - Part 2

  • 6

    Introduce Yourself With Impact

    • Introduce Yourself With Impact

    • Submit the completed Workbook

    • Checklist for Introduce Yourself with Impact

  • 7

    Your Business Branding

    • Your Business Branding

    • Submit the completed Workbook

    • Checklist for Your Business Branding

  • 8

    Choosing A Domain Name

    • Choosing A Domain Name

    • Submit the completed Workbook

    • Checklist for Choosing a Domain Name


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